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College Park Sod Service

undefined High Maintenance Landscape Contractors, Inc. Sod Company is a leading Isleworth sod service & Isleworth sod removal company. We work with only a handful of Isleworth sod farms throughout the area, many have more than 25 years of perfecting their craft. Some Isleworth sod farmers have perfected only one or two varieties of sod, whether it's St. Augustine's, Bermuda's, or Zoysia grass s. This is where we can help with our recommendations. From mutt base to soil base, shade tolerate to full sun we can assist in providing your residential or commercial Isleworth sod installation with exactly what it needs. After the Isleworth sod service in finished, we'll put you in contact with the top three Isleworth lawn care providers in the area. It's very important to have a fungicide and micro-nutrient application within the first 72 hours of Isleworth sod installation. We will also provide you with step by step instructions on how to properly care for your fresh sod.

 Isleworth Sod Service Provider

Providing Isleworth with a healthier, greener environment is not only our goal, but our commitment and promise. We use innovative techniques from delivery to the installation in every Isleworth sod service. There is no harm in calling to see if our service fits your budget, or maybe your looking for the future. Call us today for a free tour and estimate of your lawn.

Types Of Sod we provide Isleworth, Florida

 Empire Zoysia

undefined Empire Zoysia is a full sun and shade tolerant grass. Zoysia also tolerates heat, cold and drought making this grass ideal for any Isleworth sod service project. The blades are thin and hardy, yet soft enough to enjoy barefoot while partaking in activities. Tight blade growth give empire zoysia a deep green color and is a favorite among hardy turf grasses, commonly used throughout golf courses, hotel resorts, theme parks and residential communities in Isleworth. This deep dark green color will make your neighbors jealous and add major curb appeal.

 Bitter Blue

Bitter Blue is of the St. Augustine variety and better known for is dark blueish-green color and texture. Bitter blue blades are coarse, and  broad, with large, flat stems. It is tolerate to shade, cold weather, and is well adapted to most soils making it a great option for residential and commercial Isleworth sod service.


Captiva like Sapphire and Seville is a dwarf variety of St. Augustine sod. It was first introduced in 2007 by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station. It has short, narrow dark green leaf blades and reduced vertical leaf extensions, making this a slow growing St. Augustine options for your Isleworth sod service project.


Floratam is the most widely produced St. Augustine sod in Isleworth. This St. Augustine grass was specifically designed for hot humid climates making perfect for Isleworth sod service's. Floratam will not survive in Isleworth areas with less than 6 hours of sunlight daily. The blades are a dark green-blue and the leaves are wide and coarse.


Palmetto is a often referred to as a semi-dwarf St. Augustine grass variety with shorter growth habit and internodes, but the blades are slightly larger than other St. Augustine sod's such as Captiva, Sapphire, and Seville. Palmetto's grass blades are a light emerald green, and does well in full sun to partial shade in Isleworth. Sodding Palmetto in dense shade is not recommend in areas with less than 4 hours of sunlight.


Seville St. Augustine sod is a dwarf variety with a dark green color and low growth habit. Seville is one of the better options for St. Augustine grass options when it comes to shade tolerance in Isleworth sod service projects. We know about shade in Isleworth! It handles full sun, partial shade and dense shade areas very well. The downfall is the cold tolerance, it does not do well with extreme cold making the this a residential and commercial sod service options for Isleworth to South Florida only.


At High Maintenance Landscape Contractors, Inc. Sod Company we provide two types of Bahia for Isleworth sod service. One variety is Argentine Bahia. This Bahia sod is ideal for Isleworth homeowners and offices. It requires minimal attention, but proper watering is required. Pensacola is the other Isleworth sod variety of Bahia available. This variety is ideal for pastures or roadside i.e highways or medians.

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Other Isleworth Service's

Isleworth lawn service - After getting your Isleworth sod installation, let us provide and maintain a healthy, beautiful Isleworth lawn for you.

Isleworth landscape Design- We can help compair and install plants to match with your turf grass or Isleworth St. Augustine Sod. Creating the ultimate Isleworth outdoor environment.

Isleworth tree service - If you branches hanging over the roof or maybe we've installed sod that requires more sunlight than the trees will allow. We can help with Isleworth tree removal & Isleworth tree trimming service's.

Isleworth Irrigation Service - Thinking of installing plants and need an Isleworth irrigation system or repair? You'll definitely need proper amounts of water to maintain your fresh sod. We can do it all. Whatever Isleworth lawn, tree, landscaping, sod and irrigation service's you may require, we can help.

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