Mulch Installation
Mulch Installation Service

For as long as trees have grown in forests, leaves and needles have fallen to the ground and formed a natural protective layer over the soil. This same protection can be given to the plants in our landscapes by mulching. Mulching can make a big difference in the success of your landscape. Mulches conserve soil moisture, allowing you to water less often; keep down weeds; reduce erosion; keep plant roots cool; provide winter protection; and make your yard more attractive. 

Mulches also simplify lawn mowing around trees and shrubs.  At the same time you are protecting tree trunks and surface roots from damage by mowing and clipping equipment. 

Organic Mulch Installation

Mulches made from plant material are organic mulches. Over time, organic mulches will decompose and become part of the soil. This is a great advantage, because this decomposition adds organic matter to your soil, helping the soil to better retain water and nutrients-giving you healthier plants. This means, however, that organic mulches will have to be replenished from time to time.

Bark Mulch

Bark mulches are usually made from the by-products of pine, cypress, or hardwood logs. Most common are shredded bark and bark chunks. Bark mulches resist compaction, will not blow away, are very attractive, and are readily available. Some shredded barks, such as cypress, decompose slowly. Bark chunks (also called nuggets or decorative bark) decompose most slowly but do tend to wash away. 


           Red Cypress Mulch                 Yellow Cypress Mulch

               Large Pine Bark                             Mini Pine Bark              

Inorganic Mulch Installation Services

Inorganic mulches, often of stone or plastics, tend to stay in place, do not rob the soil of nitrogen, and do not harbor weed seeds. However, they have numerous disadvantages when used in the garden. Stone mulches can migrate down into the soil in time, making future digging difficult. Light-colored stones can reflect heat onto plants, scorching sensitive plants. Stones also tend to work free of beds and can be thrown by lawn mowers, potentially causing injury. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage, however, is that these mulches do not contribute organic matter to your soil. 

Stones, Gravel, Volcanic Rock, and River Rocks

These mulches are available in a wide variety of textures, colors, and materials and are used in rock gardens, driveways, and walkways. Think carefully and make sure you really want this type of mulch before putting it in place, because these mulches are more or less permanent. It is best to underlay these mulches with landscape fabric to reduce movement of stones into the soil.  

               Granite Gravel                               Red Lava Rock

            Multi  Colored Rock                    Seminole Chip Rock

             Small River Rock                         Medium River Rock

             Large River Rock                        X Large River Rock


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