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St. Augustine Grass, is a perennial robust grass widely used for lawns in the warmer climates of the tropics and subtropics.  St. Augustine grass is a coarse textured, stoloniferous species of grass.

Floratam St. Augustine grass was released by the Florida and Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations in 1972 as a SAD virus and chinch bug resistant selection. Like other Florida types, Floratam is a vigorous, coarse textured St. Augustine grass variety.  Stolons of Floratam are large, purplish-red in color with internodes averaging 3 inches in length. Leaf blades are wider and longer than common St. Augustine grass. 

St. Augustine - Floratam Grass is the most common choice of Homeowner's however we install St. Augustine - Classic for heavily shaded areas, or You may want a durable, drought tolerant lawn Zoysia Grass is also available.

Sod Installation Service

Sod is sold by the pallet, a pallet will cover 400 square feet.
The total number of square feet of your lawn, divided by 400 sq. ft. will determine how many pallets of sod it will take to cover your lawn. Use our new online area calculator to measure you lawn or call  407-219-0533 to have us come out to measure lawn to have a good estimate of how many pallets it will take to re sod your lawn with some new, fresh St. Augustine Grass.

       How Many Pallets Of Sod Do I Need?

                    400 sq. ft.                          1 pallet      

                   800 sq. ft.                          2 pallets    

                1,200 sq. ft.                          3 pallets    

                1,600 sq. ft.                          4 pallets     

                2,000 sq. ft.                          5 pallets

                2,400 sq. ft.                          6 pallets    

                2,800 sq. ft.                          7 pallets    

                3,200 sq. ft.                          8 pallets    

                3,600 sq. ft.                          9 pallets    

                4,000 sq. ft.                        10 pallets    

Prices Include: 

  • Free Irrigation Inspection
  • Kill , Removal and Deposable  of Old Lawn
  • Prep area for Sod Installation
  • Delivery and Installation of New St. Augustine Lawn

           HMLC is a Professional Installation Company.
We will beat any of our competitors written estimates.
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Queen Palm Trees
12 ft. Tall
Delivered & Installed
Queen Palm Trees
12 ft. Tall
Delivered & Installed
Step: 2

Schedule a appointment.

One of our professionals
will come measure you lawn to determine the
square footage and cost
to complete your project.
Step: 3

After signing a landscape
installation agreement and 50% payment is received by HMLC.

A landscape technician
will spray you grass 
 to kill the old lawn.

Step: 4

After 7 to 14 days the 
grass will be dead.

Once the grass is completely dead, we will
use a sodcutter to 
remove the old lawn &
prep area for installation.

Step: 5

HMLC will deliver & install
fresh St. Augustine Sod.

Our professionals will trim
the edges & form all the
plant bed areas. Leaving
you with a tight fitting clean new lawn. 
Step: 6

After the sod is installed. The property will be left picture perfect clean.

Our installers will check
and adjust all the 
sprinkler heads
for complete coverage.
Step: 1
Contact HMLC for a Free
 No Obligation Quote.

Developed specifically for the unique southeastern environment, EMPIRE Turf meets the Florida Green Building Coalition's "Green Building" standards. This allows Florida builders seeking "Green Home Certification" to specify EMPIRE and receive certifying points. EMPIRE is the only zoysia grass approved by the FGBC with a proven track record in the state. There are over 20,000 Florida homes already using EMPIRE with thousands more expected while water conservation remains a top priority in the Sunshine State. That's why the Green Builder Vision House Orlando 2008, a model of natural resource preservation, specified EMPIRE Turf for its lawn.
EMPIRE Turf has been specified in major developments across the state of Florida for its practical advantages. The Villages, Ginn Reunion Resort and Lakewood Ranch chose to go with EMPIRE in an effort to stay on the forefront of environmentally friendly landscaping.
Sod Solutions – the name almost calls to mind some crisp software product. We are not in the business of powering computers, but we specialize in a different type of software. Sod Solutions helps consumers find the right sod, turf, plugs, or seed for their next landscaping project. There is a landscaping solution that is a deep blue green like the warm waters around a tropical island. It might be that water you thought you’d never forget on a Bahamian cruise, or it might be the color you see when you look into a loved one’s eyes.
We hope you see that shade of grass every time you glance out the window at your lawn. Wouldn’t you like to drive up to your home and see a vast expanse of healthy and deep blue green thriving? Empire Zoysia grass is versatile, and it doesn’t cost consumers an arm and a leg. This product also does not use too much water from spring to fall for proper growth. With Empire, you can do your part for the environment.
The truth is that Empire Turf is a potential goldmine. Here you can find information about Empire Zoysia Grass. We don’t expect you to own a golf course in Florida to deserve our good advice. A versatile layer of Empire Zoysia Grass will ingratiate its roots into the heart of your soil. With a bit of maintenance on the front end, the lawn will blossom into a sea of deep blue green. When winter comes a-knocking, the grass might turn brown, but it will restore itself naturally in spring to the rich color you would expect from a quality grass.
Empire Zoysia Grass is characterized by a horizontal growth pattern and blades that grow in upon themselves. Select Empire Zoysia as your next low maintenance turf. Go away on summer vacation and know the grass will be intact upon your return.
For golf lovers, it is easier to recognize Empire Zoysia Grass as a value-added product. This product is widely used for covering golf courses and other big landscaping projects because it is a Low Maintenance Turf Grass. Empire Turf will help you to discover more facts about Empire Turf, a Lower Water Turf Grass Variety. Read through tips on Empire Zoysia Grass Maintenance and exactly Where to Buy Empire Zoysia Grass. If you still need to know more about our landscaping products, ask us for more tips on how to get a quality Empire Zoysia Sod Florida product growing in your front yard.
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